Mapping Automated Workflows To Mobilize Genius

Make a Map of Your Automated Workflow — Or Your Team Will Get Lost

To design an automated system means to design a workflow. The first step in this kind of design is to see a system from a high-level. To craft a complete map.

Sharing Ideas to Mobilize An Army of Geniuses

I worked on some projects at eBay where more than six teams were involved in creating product experiences. Six people is a lot to connect… six teams is an army. If you are trying to move an army having a map that the leaders can reference is very helpful (that’s an understatement). I discovered a visualization tool that Cap Tech used to present ideas about location technology and adapted a version to visualize complex systems we were crafting.

Create a Shared Understanding To Unlock Genius

Even if you understand the intent of what you are building, communicating that intent with others is still challenging. Making a workflow map gives teams and leaders a common reference point for understanding and speak to ideas. It makes solid the fuzzy intersections between machines and people. Having a shared map means team members can add their own ideas, question what is shown and collaborate with clarity.

Sharing tools for creatives, leaders and teams to remap and reimagine their innovation process and get ridiculously good at design.

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